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Smells Like Human Spirit


Smells Like Human Spirit is a top ranked society and culture podcast, with listeners in over 140 countries. Since May 2012, SLHS has covered such diverse topics as politics, technology, culture, social issues, music, and everything in between!

Previous guests on the show include:

And many more!

About The Host – Guy Evans

Guy Evans is the Founder and Host of Smells Like Human Spirit, a top-ranked society and culture podcast which covers a wide variety of social, philosophical, and political issues. He is a college professor in the New York area, specializing in sports psychology, sports coaching science, and business management.

Previous to starting SLHS, Guy spent three years lecturing in the United Kingdom, playing international basketball, and running his own business. He has been featured in several academic publications for his student-focused coaching and lecturing approaches; notably a chapter in the internationally-distributed book ‘Athlete-Centered Coaching’ (Kidman, 2010). Mr. Evans lives with his wife (and three cats!) in Brooklyn, NY.

2 Comments to “About”

  1. vince chittock // 2013/11/05 at 6:32 pm // Reply

    Remember – Please give it a view.
    It speaks for itself.


    Whose war?
    My war?
    Your war?
    Our war?
    Their war
    Politicians war
    Corporations war
    Bankers war
    The old lie
    Betrayal today
    Betrayal yesterday
    And tomorrow
    We stand
    And hold ‘they’ to account
    There is much to remember
    This Remembrance Day

  2. Frank Falupa // 2013/12/25 at 1:17 am // Reply

    Have been listening to your podcasts (about 10 so far). I like the subject matter and diversity of guests you have had. Looking forward to your 2014 announcement. Keep up the good work; voices such as yours and your guests are important!

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