Episode 181: Jeff Sanders of ‘The 5am Miracle Podcast’ provides practical tips to enhance personal productivity

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Jeff Sanders is host of the top-ranked self-help podcast The 5am Miracle. Jeff aims aims to help his listeners bounce out of bed with the enthusiasm needed to tackle their greatest goals and create powerful, lifelong habits. He joined Guy Evans on the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast to discuss approaching each day with energy, how to enhance personal productivity, and much more. Topics of discussion include:

  • Jeff’s contention that 5am is the perfect time to start each day – and why!
  • Life after college, and the challenges faced by recent Graduates
  • The importance of scheduling and prioritizing
  • Maintaining a work-life balance
  • Perception vs. reality in regards to multi-tasking
  • The challenge of ‘switching off’ in a world where we are constantly connected
  • Steps to prevent burn-out
  • Goal setting
  • The benefits of a standing desk!
  • Thoughts on the self-improvement/self-help industry as a whole
  • Practical strategies to enhance energy and productivity

For more on Jeff, visit his website here or subscribe to the 5am Miracle Podcast.

To download this episode, click here.

Smells Like Human Spirit is a DAILY podcast that covers society, culture, and everything in between! Previous guests include Professor Noam Chomsky, Dan Carlin, Michael Ruppert and many others…

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