A Thousand Mile Journey: Reflections on Being the Alternative

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Smells Like Human Spirit Founder Guy Evans will now be writing a regular column for Sibel Edmonds’ Boiling Frogs Post. Below is an excerpt of his first, ‘A Thousand Mile Journey: Reflections on Being the Alternative’
“It may be a New Year, but age-old problems and issues still plague our Western societies. While there are many that gravitate to fire-and-brimstone negativity, rejoicing in the idea that a total planetary collapse is imminent and that they may get to observe it, what cannot be denied is the gradual and radical shift in consciousness that is happening all around us.
On a fundamental level, the same struggle has always existed: freedom vs. control. In this 21st century however, we find ourselves at an extremely important moment in human history. Aided by a revival (at least in terms of visibility) of political activism, the continued scholarly activity regarding the not-so-trustworthiness of the mainstream media, and the impact of the Internet, there are extraordinary opportunities to challenge systems of control in a way that previous generations could only dream of. We must never lose sight of this – despite the constant wave of depressing headlines and disheartening developments we can clearly see at every level.”


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  1. It’s not difficult to dream and hope to do the ideal when one is still young. But as the days turn into years, somehow these ideals turn and age, too. The ideals gets rusty like an old unused car and soon forgotten.

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