Episode 69: The Story of Abraham Bolden

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Our guest for Episode 69 of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast is Abraham Bolden. Mr. Bolden is a former United States Secret Service agent and author of ‘The Echo From Dealey Plaza’. He was personally appointed to the Secret Service White House detail by President John F. Kennedy after meeting him on April 28th 1961, and as a result became the first African-American to achieve this honor.

Following the President’s assassination, Mr. Bolden became disenchanted with what he saw to be severe misconduct and corruption among his peers. He traveled to Washington in the Spring of 1964 to tell the staff of the Warren Commission about a secret Chicago assassination plot against JFK. Shortly thereafter he was arraigned on federal charges that he had solicited a bribe from a counterfeiting ring that he had helped break, and subsequently spent six years in prison. In this interview, he discusses his incredible story and other related topics. Enjoy!

Sign the petition calling for Abraham Bolden’s record to be cleared!



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