Episode 13 – Michael Parenti on The Corporate Plutocracy

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For Episode 13 of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast, we are lucky enough to be joined by an internationally known award winning-author and lecturer – Michael Parenti. Michael received his Ph.D. in political science from Yale University, and has taught at a number of colleges and universities all over the world. He is as powerful and engaging in public speaking as he is on the page, and his work covers a wide range of subjects, including U.S. politics, culture, ideology, ancient and modern history, imperialism, the news and entertainment media, and war. In his highly influential magnum opus Democracy For The Few, now in its ninth edition, Parenti presents a stunning critical analysis of American society, economy, and political institutions.

In this particular interview, he elucidates on the overarching ideological production that impacts on corporate-owned news media. Areas of discussion include how the mass media favours elite interests, divides the working class against each other, and prevents the public at large from achieving independent thinking about world events.

You do not want to miss this!

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3 Comments to “Episode 13 – Michael Parenti on The Corporate Plutocracy”

  1. I’m listening to this fantastic discussion with Michael Parenti and wondering how to finagle this on Radio Free Kansas. How ’bout a permalink at a couple my blogs and we start with some earlier podcasts to get my listeners acquainted?

  2. That sounds fantastic Michael, what do you need from us to do this? You can e-mail us at smellslikehumanspirit@gmail.com to discuss if you like. Thanks so much for your interest.

  3. Muchos Gracias for your post.Really thank you! Larcher

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