Episode 19 – Keelan Balderson: Going Against the Grain

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Young people everywhere are waking up, questioning the system, and discussing new ways for humans to operate in the uncertain future ahead. Although the self-proclaimed ‘elites’ would have you believe that the activist spirit awakened in the young is a result of groundless optimism, naivety, and a lack of understanding, those with peripheral and critical vision can see clearly that we are in the midst of an unprecedented revolution: a revolution of the mind. The youth are at the forefront of this revolution.

Going against the grain can be challenging, and to discuss this, we welcomed to our podcast Keelan Balderson, a freelance journalist, documentary filmmaker, and internet radio host from the UK. In our interview, we also touch on the causes and dynamics of the 2011 London Riots (and Keelan’s documentary on the subject). Enjoy!

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