Episode 8 – Anthony Peake Interview

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Anthony Peake, a researcher in the areas of metaphysics and quantum physics, public speaker, and author, is our guest for Episode 8 of the ‘Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast’. In a fascinating talk, Anthony discusses many aspects of his work, including:

  • His background and working philosophy 
  • The reasoning behind the growing interest in his areas of expertise 
  • Double consciousness 
  • Lucid dreaming 
  • Deja vu 
  • Near-death experiences and more!

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2 Comments to “Episode 8 – Anthony Peake Interview”

  1. This interview, to me, was like on of those rare episodes I didn’t want to end. Others would be both of the Joe Rogan/Graham Hancock and the Joe Rogan/Dennis McKenna interview.

  2. Thanks John for your kind words. If you have a minute, an iTunes review would be very appreciated! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/smells-like-human-spirit-dan/id530984313

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