Episode 62: Hammered on Reality – The Changing Culture of British University life, with guest Eve Betts

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It’s often been referred to as the ‘scourge of society’, a plague of communities and constant cause of anti-social behavior. Binge drinking has long been an issue, currently in New Zealand and perpetually, in the United Kingdom, specifically within its Universities.

There may be some signs, however, that in the words of Professor Fiona Measham, a criminologist at Durham University who has advised the Government on alcohol policy, a ‘cultural shift’ is taking place in regards to University drinking culture. “From about 2002 onwards, the tide turned,” according to Professor Measham. I’ve seen it in my students and I’ve seen it when I do my research in pubs and clubs. Something is changing…there is no longer the desire to go out and get completely obliterated.”

Eve Betts, a first year journalism student at the University of Sheffield and blogger for The Huffington Post, recently contributed to this notion by penning the article ‘The Sober Fresher – do you need alcohol to have a good time at University?’. She joins Guy Evans for Episode 62 of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast and makes her case for why having fun as a student doesn’t necessarily have to be synonymous with getting ‘hammered’.

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