SLHS Bonus: Tod Mesirow, Executive Producer of ‘Joe Rogan Questions Everything’, discusses the show

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Tod Mesirow, Executive Producer of ‘Joe Rogan Questions Everything‘, joins Guy Evans to discuss the show, its critical response, and its future.


Colors and Sizes

March 2014 – No. 2 Philosophy Podcast in the World!


SLHS 30: Professor Noam Chomsky on Propaganda, Advertising and Oppression

Guy Evans travels to MIT in Cambridge, MA for a thirty minute interview with the hugely influential author and political commentator.

SLHS 153: Hardcore History's Dan Carlin talks Addiction, Net Neutrality, the NSA Scandal, and more

'Hardcore History' host Dan Carlin joins Guy Evans for a thought-provoking half-hour discussion on various issues including the science of addiction, net neutrality, Edward Snowden, and more.

SLHS 197: Manufacturing Popularity - The Rise of Clear Channel, Radio's 'Evil Empire'

While a slew of recent corporate mergers and acquisitions this year have sparked renewed concerns over media monopolies, the radio and concert conglomerate Clear Channel has long been considered the poster child for what’s wrong with media deregulation.

SLHS 120: Edward Bernays’ daughter Anne discusses life with the ‘Father of PR’

Anne Bernays discusses her Father's intense dedication to his work, his contradictory personality, and above all, his legacy.

SLHS 69: The Story of Abraham Bolden

Abraham Bolden is a former United States Secret Service agent and author of ‘The Echo From Dealey Plaza’. He was personally appointed to the Secret Service White House detail by President John F. Kennedy after meeting him on April 28th 1961, and as a result became the first African-American to achieve this honor.

SLHS 118: Rania Khalek on Objectivity in Journalism, Mainstream Vs. Independent Media, and more

Rania makes her case for why objectivity is not possible in journalism, examines the positive aspects and limitations of independent media, and discusses the disturbing national trend of children being 'funneled' from public schools to the juvenile and criminal justice systems. Other topics include Nelson Mandela, the NSA, and more.
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