Episode 41 – Piers Morgan Vs Alex Jones: A Critical Analysis

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In this episode of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast, Guy Evans casts a critical eye towards last night’s incredible in-studio confrontation between radio host Alex Jones and CNN presenter Piers Morgan. The showdown between Jones and Morgan had been brewing for a while, with tensions being escalated in the wake of Morgan labeling Larry Pratt, executive director of the Gun Owners of America, an ‘unbelievably stupid man’ on his show last month.

It made for fascinating television. Two men with such diametrically opposed styles, beliefs, and backgrounds met face to face for two segments. They ranted, raved, interrupted, shouted at and insulted each other in a startling clash of philosophies.

This is an episode you don’t want to miss. Check it out, spread the word and peace!


PIERS MORGAN: Welcome to you.

ALEX JONES: Piers, thanks for having me.

MORGAN: Why do you want to deport me?

JONES: Well, we did it as a way to bring attention to the fact that we have all of these foreigners and the Russian government, the official Chinese government. Mao said political power goes out the barrel of a gun. He killed about 80 million people because he’s the only guy that had the guns. So we did it to point out that this is globalism, and the mega banks that control the planet and brag that they’ve taken over in Bloomberg, AP, Reuters, you name it, brag that they’re going to get our guns as well. They’ve taken everybody’s guns but the Swiss and the American people. And when they get our guns, they can have their world tyranny while the government buys 1.6 billion bullets, armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters, predator drones, armed, now in U.S. skies, being used to arrest people in North Dakota. The Second Amendment isn’t there for duck hunting. It’s there to protect us from tyrannical government and street thugs. Take the women in India, your piece earlier on CNN I was watching during Anderson Cooper’s show didn’t tell you that the women of India have signed giant petitions to get firearms because the police can’t and won’t protect them. The answer is -(CROSSTALK) Wait a minute. I have FBI crime statistics that come out a year late, 2011, 20-plus percent crime drop in the last nine years, real violent crime because more guns means less crime. Britain took the guns 15, 16 years ago, tripling of your overall violent crime. True we have a higher gun violence level, but overall muggings, stabbings, deaths, you — those men raped that woman in India to death with an iron rod four feet long. You can’t ban the iron rods. The guns, the iron rods, Piers, didn’t do it. The tyrants did it. Hitler took the guns. Stalin took the guns. Mao took the guns. Fidel Castro took the guns.

MORGAN: How many –

JONES: Hugo Chavez took the guns, and I’m here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms. It doesn’t matter how many lemmings you get out there on the street begging for them to have their guns taken. We will not relinquish them. Do you understand? And that’s why you’re going to fail. And the establishment knows no matter how much propaganda, the republic will rise again when you attempt to take our guns. My family in the Texas revolution against Santa Anna, my family was at the core on both sides starting that because Santa Anna came to take the guns at Gonzalez, Texas. Piers, don’t try what your ancestors did before. Why don’t you come to America? I’ll take you out shooting. You can become an American and join the republic.

MORGAN: You finished?

JONES: Yes, I am finished. You will not take my right. You go through background checks to get guns. How about Prozac? You know the number — oh that’s a big sponsor, isn’t it, are that whole class of drugs.

MORGAN: Let me ask you a question.

JONES: No, whoa, got to cut that off, don’t you? Don’t want to talk about — the U.S. number one cause of death is suicide now because they give people suicide mass murder pills.

MORGAN: Calm down. Calm down.

JONES: Your answers give more money to the psychiatrists and psychologists to put more crazy people on drugs to make them kill people, Piers.

MORGAN: Let’s try and have a debate here.


MORGAN: Answer me this question.

JONES: I’m sick of the same old script here, bud.

MORGAN: That’s fine, bud. How many gun murders were there in America last year? Do you know?

JONES: There were about 11,458, and about 74 percent of those were gang related, gang bangers shooting each other. You get three and a half to four thousand –

MORGAN: OK. That wasn’t –

JONES: How many people died from infections in hospitals? 197,000.

MORGAN: So let me just ask you a second question.

JONES: That’s right.

MORGAN: How many gun murders were there in Britain last year?

JONES: How many great white sharks –

MORGAN: No, how many –

JONES: kill people every year but they’re scared to swim?

MORGAN: Right. How many gun murders were there in Britain?

JONES: A very low amount and I already went over those statistics.

MORGAN: How many, do you know?

JONES: That was only a few hundred.

MORGAN: No, no. How many gun murders?

JONES: I actually, actually did pull up the statistics. Here, let me pull them out right here. I figured you’d do that.

MORGAN: Gun murders last year.

JONES: Oh, wait. U.K. violent crime, capital of Europe, “London Telegraph.” Here let me give you more.

MORGAN: Yes. It’s quite a simple question.

JONES: Well, that’s the oldest –

MORGAN: You’re a very loud man.

JONES: That’s the oldest, no, no, that’s the oldest Perry Mason tactic –

MORGAN: You make a lot of noise.

JONES: — to ask me some little factoids.

MORGAN: But they’re not little factoids.

JONES: I already said earlier –

MORGAN: We’re talking about a country.

JONES: — England has a lot lower gun crime rate because you took all the guns.

MORGAN: Let me. Let me — exactly my point.

JONES: But you’ve got hoards of people burning down cities and beating old women’s brains out every day.

MORGAN: What a ridiculous (INAUDIBLE).

JONES: They arrest people in England if they defend themselves. That’s on record. My God, you have got a total police state. Everybody is fleeing that country because the, oh, you’ve had to flee here, bud.

MORGAN: I fled here?

JONES: Why don’t you tell folks — yes, you fled here. Why don’t you go back and face the charges with the hacking scandal?

MORGAN: Answer this question. How many guns –

JONES: Why did you get fired from “The Daily Mirror” for putting on fake stories?

MORGAN: How many –

JONES: You’re a hatchet man of the new world order. You’re a hatchet man. And I want to say this right here. You think you’re a tough guy? Well have me back with a boxing ring in here, and I’ll wear red, white, and blue, and you can wear your jolly roger.


JONES: You know when you –

MORGAN: Let’s try again. How many gun murders were there –

JONES: Oh, you’re going to bang your fist now?

MORGAN: — in Britain last year?

JONES: How many chimpanzees can dance on the head of a pin? I already went over those statistics.

MORGAN: Do you know the answer?

JONES: No, I don’t.

MORGAN: And you said hundreds.

JONES: It’s very low.

MORGAN: You said hundreds.


MORGAN: It’s actually 35.

JONES: Well, the point is you can –

MORGAN: Against 11,000. Do you understand the difference between 11,000 and 35?

JONES: Hey. Yes, England wants to ban knives now because tens of thousands are getting stabbed.

MORGAN: But do you understand the difference –

JONES: The knives? The knife doesn’t kill people. The gun doesn’t kill people.

MORGAN: Do you understand — yes. Do you understand the difference?

JONES: Do you understand –

MORGAN: — between 35 –

JONES: — you’re not going to pull on America’s heartstrings?

MORGAN: — and 11,000? JONES: They know your script. OK? You’re not going to get our guns. By the way, you guys always say we just want to take the semiautos. OK, and all this other stuff when semiautos aren’t even — rifles aren’t even used but in a fraction of the crimes. You can pull those numbers up, OK?

MORGAN: Well –

JONES: No, no, no. Hold on.

MORGAN: — let me ask you one question. Which weapon was predominantly used in the Aurora movie theater shooting?

JONES: M-4 AR-15 variant.

MORGAN: So it was a semiautomatic assault rifle.

JONES: Yes. Again –

MORGAN: OK, next question.

JONES: But statistically it’s very, very low.

MORGAN: That was — do you agree it was the single biggest shooting in the history of America in terms of people hit by a shooter? Do you know that?

JONES: No. I believe that there were others.

MORGAN: No, no. It’s — (CROSSTALK)

JONES: Some others you talk about over 30.

MORGAN: No, no. This was the single biggest mass shooting by –

JONES: Well, listen, you just don’t want –

MORGAN: No. I’m just –

JONES: There have been bombings of Wall Street.

MORGAN: Let me ask you a second question.

JONES: Are we going to — listen, why do you have the pilots have firearms?

MORGAN: Let me ask you a second question.

JONES: And we trust them to fly the planes.

MORGAN: You’ve had a lot to say. Just answer this question.

JONES: No, my point is the Second Amendment is sacrosanct.

MORGAN: Do you know –

JONES: You’re not getting it.

MORGAN: Do you know which weapon was used in the Oregon shopping mall mass shooting recently?

JONES: I understand that people who are mentally ill on all the serotonin reuptake inhibitors –

MORGAN: Do you know what weapon –

JONES: — display these shoot-em up games –


JONES: — want to go out and do this.


JONES: Because there’s criminals I don’t lose my rights, Piers.

MORGAN: Alex. Alex.

JONES: Because there’s criminals I don’t lose my rights.

MORGAN: Alex. Just answer the question.


MORGAN: Do you know what the weapon used was?

JONES: Listen. Let me ask you a question.

MORGAN: No, no. Answer –

JONES: I’ve got the FBI statistics –


JONES: Listen.

MORGAN: No, no.

JONES: — that the so-called semiautos that you talk about –

MORGAN: Let’s take a break. Let’s take a break. When we come back try –

JONES: Again, you’re not going to get the guns.

MORGAN: When we come back, try and answer my question. OK?

JONES: Yes. All you’re going to do is sit there and play little factoid questions. Overall crime has gone up and 20 percent.

MORGAN: That’s just about that. (END VIDEO CLIP)

MORGAN: It’s not easy to get a word in, but things are going to get even more heated when we come back, Alex Jones’ bizarre 9/11 conspiracy theory. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

MORGAN: Back now with more from my interview with Alex Jones, host of “THE ALEX JONES SHOW” and the man behind the petition to deport me for my views on guns. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

MORGAN: So, Alex, here’s how this is going to work. And it’s entirely down to you. I’m going to ask you some questions. In the spirit of a proper debate, and you’ve had a lot to say so far on the show, a lot of it aimed at me, which his fine. But I want you to try and answer the questions. This is a proper debate. OK? I’m not trying to trip you up.

JONES: No, it’s not a debate. You’re running the show.


JONES: You bring in your victims up front.

MORGAN: Actually, actually no.

JONES: Look. You’ve got your little note cards.


JONES: I just gave you FBI statistics that violent crime –

MORGAN: Fine. Alex, Alex.

JONES: — and gun crime is down over 20 percent.

MORGAN: Alex, let me ask you this.

JONES: And you want to go to little factoids.

MORGAN: No. They’re not little factoids.

JONES: Anybody can pull those up. Listen.

MORGAN: Do you know what –

JONES: Do you have a bodyguard?


JONES: Why do you have bodyguards?

MORGAN: I don’t have a bodyguard.

JONES: Yes, I’ve seen you on the news with them.

MORGAN: I don’t have a bodyguard.

JONES: Don’t you want to protect your wife from hoodlums or you want to call the police?

MORGAN: Let me ask you this question.

JONES: Why does Dianne Feinstein –

MORGAN: Alex. Alex.

JONES: — tell “60 Minutes” that she plans –


JONES: — to try and take Mr. And Mrs. America’s guns?

MORGAN: Don’t be talking over me.

JONES: You guys want to disarm all of America.

MORGAN: No, I don’t.

JONES: Dianne Feinstein’s bill does.

MORGAN: No, I don’t. I don’t.

JONES: Gun confiscation.

MORGAN: No. Let me clarify for you. You don’t seem to understand what –

JONES: First you register. Then you confiscate.

MORGAN: No. JONES: It’s always done the same.

MORGAN: Here’s what the campaign on –

JONES: Well, here, give me your little cue cards and I’ll answer your questions for you.

MORGAN: What was the weapon used at Sandy Hook?

JONES: I have already gone over that and already answered it for you.

MORGAN: We haven’t talked about Sandy Hook.

JONES: No. Again –

MORGAN: What was the weapon?

JONES: It’s a 223 M-4.

MORGAN: Right.

JONES: Again. But statistically they’re used in very low percentage of shootings period.

MORGAN: Right. But are you — are you seeing –

JONES: But you guys –

MORGAN: Are you seeing a pattern?

JONES: People wouldn’t go swimming because of the movie “Jaws” even though great white sharks kill five people a year.

MORGAN: Alex. Alex. Alex.

JONES: You’re trying to scare people.

MORGAN: Let me say something.

JONES: There’s no metal shark in the water.

MORGAN: The same type of weapon was used in the last three mass shootings.

JONES: Yes. And that’s right. And Hitler used semiautos to kill people.

MORGAN: Why would you not –

JONES: And so did Mao.

MORGAN: Why would you –

JONES: Why is the government arguing [inaudible] against this?

MORGAN: Why — Alex. I don’t –

JONES: What about “Fast and Furious”?


JONES: Why did our government ship guns to Mexico?

MORGAN: Calm down, Alex.

JONES: To blame the Second Amendment?

MORGAN: Let’s have a debate.

JONES: A false flag?

MORGAN: Alex, I get accused –

JONES: To blame the Second Amendment?

MORGAN: I get accused –

JONES: Why did they blow up buildings down the street here in New York?

MORGAN: Alex. Alex. I get accused when I get you guys on of talking over you, of being rude. I’m trying to be civil, all right?


MORGAN: You’ve got to try and answer some of the questions, right? Here is my issue for you. Why do people need, civilians need an AR- 15 type assault rifle? Why do –

JONES: And I’ve already said statistically they’re used in a very low amount of the crimes.

MORGAN: But no, answer the question.

JONES: That’s an FBI fact.

MORGAN: They’ve been used in the last three mass shootings.



JONES: I’ll tell you why, because they advertise it in the media. Anybody knows that if somebody jumps off the Empire State Building they put cops up there the next day because copycats come to do it again. The media hypes, and hypes and hypes –

MORGAN: But that’s not the question.

JONES: Don’t just commit suicide –

MORGAN: Alex, why do people need them?

JONES: Go commit suicide by killing a bunch of kids and here’s the gun to use –


JONES: — because it’s the one the U.S. Army uses.

MORGAN: Why do people need them?

JONES: They need them to protect us from the number one killer in history. Government of the 20th century university study out of Hawaii killed 292 million people. It’s called democide. Google it, folks.

MORGAN: Do you believe everyone in America –

JONES: Democide.

MORGAN: Should everyone in America –


MORGAN: — therefore have an AR-15 if they want one?

JONES: Statistically, where there’s more guns there’s lower crime. The highest crime is in Bloomberg, you know –

MORGAN: But you have the most guns –

JONES: Controlled areas.

MORGAN: — than any of the 23 richest countries in the world. And you have — (CROSSTALK)

JONES: Well, America was born on guns and whiskey.

MORGAN: Right. But –

JONES: It’s true we’re a violent society.

MORGAN: Right. Do you accept that America has the most guns –

JONES: But statistically knives kill three times more.

MORGAN: — and the most gun murders?

JONES: Have you seen the FBI numbers? Knives, bats, rocks –

MORGAN: Let’s talk guns –

JONES: — kill many, many times more.

MORGAN: Let’s talk — Alex, let’s talk about the guns.

JONES: It’s not the — it’s not the rock. It’s not the knife.

MORGAN: Right. JONES: When a mother chops her kids up with a cleaver –

MORGAN: Alex. Alex. Alex.

JONES: — because she’s on serotonin –

MORGAN: Tell me why I’m wrong about the AR-15.

JONES: Why don’t you want to get rid of drugs, because they’re half your sponsors?

MORGAN: Stick to the subject.

JONES: America’s number one cause of unnatural deaths now is suicide.


JONES: Not automobile accident.

MORGAN: Let’s try again.

JONES: Not cancer, not –

MORGAN: You accuse me of attacking the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

JONES: I want to get people off pills that the insert says will make you commit suicide –


JONES: — and kill people.

MORGAN: Alex. Alex. Let’s get above the Second Amendment.

JONES: I want to blame the real culprit.

MORGAN: Alex. Alex.

JONES: Suicide pills.


JONES: Mass murder pills.

MORGAN: OK. Let me ask you one question. Your belief, unless I’m wrong –

JONES: First time anybody has ever heard this, by the way.

MORGAN: Your belief, unless I’m wrong, is that under the Second Amendment your real concern is that you will be overrun by a tyrannical regime, either from somewhere else –


JONES: Look at Mexico, total gun ban for the citizens, highest crime rate in the world, 57,000 people dead in the last five years, total gun ban for the citizens.

MORGAN: But you — your main –

JONES: Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in Europe.

MORGAN: Alex. Alex.

JONES: Your country has the highest.

MORGAN: Alex. Alex. We have 35 gun murders and you have 11,000.

JONES: You have — you people have their brains. It’s the higher crime rate.

MORGAN: Alex, let me ask you –

JONES: Violent crime is higher.

MORGAN: On this specific –

JONES: It’s brains. It’s people.

MORGAN: Alex, I’m trying to get inside your brain.

JONES: Piers, if you punched me right now it’d be not your fist, but your brain that did it.

MORGAN: Alex. Alex. Let me get inside your brain.


MORGAN: OK? I’m serious. You have a very, very big platform. You air I think on 63 networks.

JONES: No. No. That — WikiPedia is like 10 years old. I’m on over 140 stations, XM.

MORGAN: Millions of Americans hear you every day.

JONES: Over a million half listeners, InfoWars.com.


JONES: We have the statistics posted right now.


JONES: InfoWars.com.

MORGAN: Who do you believe was behind 9/11?

JONES: Oh I absolutely know. I have the police on CNN saying get back, they’re going to blow up seven. I have BBC reporters as jet –

MORGAN: But who do you believe was behind it?

JONES: I have the proof. I heard them on CBS radio.

MORGAN: Who, who, Alex?

JONES: They announced they blew up the towers on CBS Radio.

MORGAN: Who do you believe –

JONES: New Yorkers all saw it and heard it. They blew up Building 7.

MORGAN: Alex, who do you believe — Alex, who do you believe was behind it, the American government?

JONES: Criminal elements of the military industrial complex, the same ones that staged Gulf of Tonkin, the same ones that staged operation, the mass shootings, Operation Gladio.

MORGAN: Right. Right.

JONES: Ooh, the CIA don’t like this right now.

MORGAN: Alex. Alex. Do you mean that President Bush and his administration were behind 9/11?

JONES: I mean that even mainstream news reported that the hijackers were ordered to be allowed into the United States. Michael Springman, the head of the visa department, blew the whistle on that.

MORGAN: Right. So the Bush administration was part of a conspiracy to murder –

JONES: Well, he said never let us tolerate –

MORGAN: — to murder thousands of Americans –

JONES: To murder, to murder — I can speak in this accent as well.

MORGAN: Yes. But is that what you believe?

JONES: The government — Hitler fired bombs and turned rash tag, Piers, to bring in martial law in Germany, April 27th, 1933. Governments have staged terror attacks throughout history or allowed terrorists to attack as a pretext to invade and enslave a population.

MORGAN: How many guns do you own? How many guns do you own?

JONES: I probably own more than 50 firearms. Many of them have increased in value two, three or even four times. I sleep very comfortably outside Austin, Texas.

MORGAN: Alex –

JONES: — knowing that I can defend my family. MORGAN: OK. Alex Jones is the man –

JONES: InfoWars.com.

MORGAN: This is the man who wants to deport me from the country for wanting to get rid of assault rifles.

JONES: No. No. It’s to point out you’re a foreigner, a Redcoat, here telling us what to do.

MORGAN: Which to me that sounds outrageous, whatever.

JONES: Go back to where they took the guns if you don’t like it. The communist — (END VIDEO CLIP)


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    Piers said the Aurora shooting was the single largest mass shooting, not mass killing. He did not say anything about Sandy Hook.

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