206: Smells Like Human Spirit Is Back/Thoughts on the ‘Podcasting Boom’

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It’s official – Smells Like Human Spirit is back!!! In this episode, host Guy Evans discusses his six-month absence from the microphone, and examines the apparent ‘podcasting boom’ as touted by mainstream and independent media alike. Will the future of podcasting mirror the trajectory of the numerous other new media that came before it?

Podcast Highlight

“The true potential of podcasting was always the opportunity for an individual or a small group of people to communicate their thoughts and feelings without the pressures and influences common to more established media. I think it would be fairly intuitive to suggest that the majority of new listeners will look first to podcast rankings, determined largely by audience size, as a guide for selecting what to listen to, in the first instance. If more and more of these slots are taken up by corporate-backed entities, podcasting may become homogenized much in the same vein as television, despite the perceived multitude of opinions that a thousand TV channels may apparently offer. It would be a travesty if a medium once so open and unfettered may one day be viewed as undesirable for those with alternative views and opinions to enter, for fear of not being able to get a real foot in the door.

For the record, I do appreciate that many podcasters couldn’t care less about who else is doing it, or the funding effort that supports the launch of many new shows. They may be content to produce content without hardly anyone listening, for the sheer love of it if nothing else. I also understand that corporate media involvement in podcasting is hardly a new occurrence, but it is hard to ignore that this involvement is becoming more pronounced as the months and years roll on. Nonetheless, I think that at the risk of being repetitive, what it means to be a podcaster is being redefined, for good or bad.”



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