Episode 45 – The Theory and Practice of Predictive Programming, with Tom Secker

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Predictive programming is the theory that the public’s responses to events such as grand-scale terrorism are pre-conditioned through cultural production. Proponents of this theory point to elements in television, film, and literature that have seemingly foreshadowed catastrophes before they have occurred, and suggest that the collusion between intelligence agencies and media institutions is much deeper than is given credit for.

Tom Secker, the British-based writer, researcher, and filmmaker, argues that we can be quite certain that this is a real phenomenon. In this episode, we critically examine some of the main tenets of the predictive programming concept, discuss his recent article on the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, and take a look at the reasons why we have seen the rise of the ‘morally ambiguous protagonist’ in popular culture. Listen, share, and enjoy!

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2 Comments to “Episode 45 – The Theory and Practice of Predictive Programming, with Tom Secker”

  1. Anonymous // 2013/02/24 at 9:44 am // Reply

    Might I suggest that one answer to the question as to what purpose predictive films serve, it might be that these are not offered for the benefit or detriment of the rank and file at all, but are offered solely to titillate ‘in the know’ conspirators? We live in an age when our ‘elites’ are becoming more confident of their ultimate domination over us all and the contempt and disgust they hold for the rank and file is becoming increasingly clear. From Kissinger’s description of ‘dumb cattle’ soldiers, to Prince Phillip’s ambition to return as a lethal virus, the word is out, although it must be said that as a useful front man for the movers and shakers with their breathtaking plan to exterminate the vast majority of the human race, the Prince is being exceedingly modest. Be this as it may, our masters have an understandable taste for the camaraderie, the shared joke, the nod-and-the-wink secret that that the stupidity of the masses affords them, so they sometimes watch a film or two.

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