Episode 163: Torontonians say Rob Ford Must Go!

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Since February 12th, a dedicated group of Torontonians have held a permanent rotating citizens’ sit-in outside Rob Ford’s office at Toronto City Hall. With a round-the-clock presence and unbreakable will, they have vowed to not relent until the embattled Mayor is completely removed of his power.

Chris Caple, organizer of ‘Rob Ford Must Go’, joined Guy Evans for Episode 163 of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast to discuss the movement. Here are some of the highlights:


“His behavior for a long time now has been abhorrent, but you could have made the argument [at one time] that he was primarily just hurting himself. When he started becoming openly homophobic in his comments and behavior, and lying about the Pride flag replacing the Canadian flag at the City Hall…this just pushed me over the edge. He was clearly starting to deliberately target the LGBT community in Toronto in order to stir up hate in his base, which is a vile tactic, evil really, and [it's] completely the antithesis of what Toronto stands for.”


“There are all kinds of arguments about why he was able to get elected in the first place. Certainly he had a highly effective and totally unscrupulous campaign team who essentially knew what he was, but cleaned him up and made him somewhat presentable to the electorate. It was a moment of time where people were, for whatever reason, looking for a change but I don’t think most of the electorate understood what they were actually getting. Clearly, now we know.”


“[His chances of re-election] are very real. It’s appalling, but the chances are very real. Many councillors who have come and spoke about this have said the same thing. In fact, one councillor who came and sat down with us said Rob Ford could be arrested tomorrow, and still get re-elected, just because the nature of that process. He’s wealthy, he can afford the best lawyers money could buy, he’s unscrupulous…and he has no shame, so he could get arrested and stay [as Mayor].”

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