Episode 59 – Sam Simon of The Simpsons on Philanthropy, Celebrity Culture, Changes in Television, and more

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Sam Simon is a director, producer and writer perhaps best known for being one of the co-creators of The Simpsons. Along with his contributions to the entertainment industry, he has had stints as a boxing manager, poker player, and philanthropist in establishing the Sam Simon Foundation. Fans of his were saddened however to hear of his recent cancer diagnosis, and in this episode of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast, Sam joins Guy Evans to discuss this and a number of other topics, including:

*The Sam Simon Foundation and its work in rescuing dogs and feeding families;
*The lack of activism displayed by many in the entertainment industry;
*Celebrity culture and its propensity to distract the public from key issues;
*How he would rate his overall contribution towards ‘The Simpsons’;
*Why he was initially skeptical that the show could last more than one season;
*His current relationship with co-creators Matt Groening and James L. Brooks;
*George H.W. Bush’s comments citing the show as an example of moral decline;
*How television has changed since his first involvement;
*Working with George Carlin and the resulting influence on his political beliefs;
*His case for why George W. Bush was the worst president ever;
*Thoughts on Barack Obama and the lack of actual change that has characterized his tenure thus far;
And more!




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