Episode 56 – Tajai of the Souls of Mischief on Creativity, Being Independent, U.S. Politics, and more

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Guy Evans is joined for Episode 56 of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast by Tajai of the legendary Souls of Mischief hip-hop group and the collective known as the Hieroglyphics. Tajai has been active as a performer for over twenty years and is a driving force behind the operation of the independent label Hieroglyphics Imperium, which since 1995 has attracted a huge underground following with fans in every corner of the globe. He’s also a graduate of Stanford University and is currently studying at the postgraduate level at Berkeley. In this episode we discuss:*Creativity in modern music and popular culture;
*The relationship between limitation and creativity;
*His creative process and optimal environment to make music;
*How he developed his lyrical style of rapid-fire multi-syllabic rhyming patterns;
*Why the song and the album 93 ’til Infinity have had such a continued impact;
*The trend in mainstream hip-hop of phasing out the emphasis on lyricism almost completely;
*The influence and pressure of a major label when creating and producing music;
*How his Educational experiences have assisted in operating an independent level;
*Thoughts on Barack Obama and the current U.S. Administration;
*The contentious drone issue and the resulting affect on America’s global perception;
*Potential action the public can take to combat the system;

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